• Your child’s first experiences of the world are amazing. Our baby room is designed to stimulate and encourage development, with an array of toys and equipment to develop all senses. The ratio of staff to babies is 1 to 3 and our baby room can take up to nine babies. Your child’s home routine is continued in the early stages, before being gradually introduced to the nursery routine.

  • Our self-contained baby unit, with separate changing and sleeping facilities, has excellent access to the outdoor area.

  • During their time with us, your child’s achievements will be recorded in a learning journey book, which is constantly updated. Your child’s daily routine is also recorded in a diary, which can be used by both the parent and nursery staff as a form of communication between home and nursery.

  • Milk feeds must be provided by the parents and are kept in a specialised milk kitchen, breast milk is also welcomed as is the use of environmentally friendly nappies. We offer a flexible approach to meals, and offer a 3 stage weaning menu or a baby led weaning option.