• Staff ratio of 1 adult to 4 two year olds.

  • Here children are encouraged to develop their own personality in a more structured environment.

  • Although play can be adult led, children are free to choose from the many resources available for child-initiated activities.

  • Routines are structured to support continuity for the children each morning the children take part in circle time to support their learning and communication skills, in particular they will look at colours, numbers and shapes, talk about items of interest or holidays and sing song and rhymes. Each month we do topics based around a story to develop their ideas and promote their interest in books and develop their listening and concentration skills.

  • In our caring and happy atmosphere children will be involved in all aspects of development and our carefully planned activities will encourage the growth of confident secure individuals.

  • We have low level toilets and potties to encourage potty training when the child is ready. We work closely with parents to gain continuity to a successful outcome.

  • During their time with us, your child’s achievements will be recorded in a learning journey book, which is constantly updated. Your child’s daily routine is also recorded in a diary, which can be used by both the parent and nursery staff as a form of communication between home and nursery.

  • All children have access to drinking water throughout the day.

  • We offer a settling in session of approximately two hours (or more if needed) on booking a place, to help your child build confidence and settle into nursery life.