• The children are encouraged to explore their environment through a wide range of experiences from sensory play with food and creative materials, heuristic play to investigation of the natural world through outdoor play planting and growing vegetables , digging and looking for insect and experiencing different seasons playing in the rain or blowing bubbles on a windy day.

  • Children are fast learners and at this particular age are learning about themselves and others. We encourage social skills through group and table top activities to supports skill such as sharing and turn taking and model self help skills like hand washing and eating with a fork and spoon to encourage children’s development.

  • Our behaviour policy promotes the use of positive reinforcement and the use of distraction techniques, as communication isn’t always established at this age. We also work in partnership with parents to create an action plan for any persistent behaviour issues.

  • To build on communication skills children take part in short circle times, with the use of stories and puppets, picture aids, singing and rhymes to build on their vocabulary and confidence.

  • During their time with us, your child’s achievements will be recorded in a learning journey book, which is constantly updated. Your child’s daily routine is also recorded in a diary, which can be used by both the parent and nursery staff as a form of communication between home and nursery.